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  • I need a best friend to share experiences with -- but not limited to the clothed ones.
  • I am the other woman. I have been for a decade. When my lover and I get together, our partners, too, benefit, which is why I've seldom been the jealous type.
  • I think he hates me just a little when we're not making love that often.
  • I woke him today by climbing astride him and moving until he responded.
  • I like that he always wants me — but it's also a turnoff.
  • I didn't lose my virginity until I was 24. Now I'm 34 and I can't get enough!
  • I had a sexy dream about a girlfriend last night. The only problem? I'm not a lesbian.
  • I never liked foreplay. Let's get right to it.
  • I feel completely liberated when I don't wear panties.

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