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OOOhhh...ouch. Maybe you could pump and have a bottle or two standing by? If she bites again, take her off and give her the bottle. I'm sure you know that nursing is more than a meal; it's special time for the two of you and I doubt she'll be happy having her comfortable spot replaced by a bottle. Might encourage her to be more careful with her teeth!

I think you're right about the communication thing, too. Ten months is a hard stage because I'm sure she understands so much more than she can express. Have you tried any sign language with her? Hand motions might be easier for her to master than speaking - maybe it would ease her frustrations a bit.


I can so relate to everything you're experiencing. For us, the biting just stopped on its own - the tricks I've read about didn't really work for us - but it will stop, I promise!

I've been wishing that I taught my son baby sign language because the pointing and subsequent frustration are hard to deal with these days -- I feel bad for him because I'm sure it's so hard, but it's getting difficult to deal with on our end!

Anyway, I hope things settle down soon.

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