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Yeah. We are going to see my in-laws in June and while I'm excited to see them, I dread the thought of messing up the boy's schedule. It was B.A.D. when we went when he was 8 months old. I hope it's better because he's a little bigger this time, but I kind of doubt it...

Lisa P

Oh, yuck! I can relate, though and let me offer what I can.

We've always traveled a lot and so traveling with babies just was a part of the deal. A night here, two nights there, no big deal. But then we hadn't gone anywhere for a long time and Callie was maybe 9 months old and VERY attached to her crib. That was the only place she slept but since we'd traveled and she'd always done fine I never even considered that there would be a problem. While it wasn't near as bad as what you described, it certainly wasn't fun.

About a week before our next trip, I took out the pack and play and put it in the den for her to play in for a few minutes each day. After a couple of days of that, I put it in her room and timed outings so that she'd fall asleep in the car on the way home. Instead of putting her in her crib, I put her in the pack and play so she'd finish her nap and wake up there but in her own room. Finally, I let her sleep in the pack and play for her naps and at night the day before we left. It worked like a charm!

After that I made sure she spent a little time in the pack and play before every trip and she did just great it in, though I did have to "disguise" it and actually put her crib bumper in it as well as all of her toys that were always in her crib.

A lot of work? Maybe. But it made for peaceful, happy, and sleep filled stays away from home!

Now she's 4 1/2 and will sleep anywhere--thank goodness!!


Welcome to parenting...where taking a vacation with your child(ren) often inspires the need for a "real" vacation (or a stiff drink)! I'm lucky to have two very portable kids, which is a blessing because we live quite far from our family and travel a lot. Still, I'm all too familiar with the "If we were at home, this NEVER would have happened" feeling!

Over the years, we've established a set of "away from home" habits that seem to help our kids feel comfortable while travelling. Like Lisa P, we bring a favorite blanket and stuffie to make bedtime feel familiar. We bring a small bag of books and toys from home and also try to have or get something new for each trip, in an effort to build a feeling of good anticipation about travelling. Anything will do - a McD's happy meal toy, a new book or DVD to use while travelling, a never before tried food or candy (especially good if it's a regional delicacy like sponge candy or maple sugar).

Don't give up! Delaney will grow older and naturally more comfortable in new surroundings and you'll grow more used to travelling with her and, eventually, you'll be planning and looking forward to and taking trips happily together...


Poor Delaney and poor you! Sounds like you had a good time at the reception, though. Amelia has had two overnight to Chatanooga and one to a cabin in Kentucky when I visited with some friends from college. She did "ok" both times, but it took FOREVER to get her to go to sleep because of the unfamiliar surroundings. We're planning on a beach trip later this summer, and I'm not sure how she'll do away from home that long! Luckily my 3-year-old will sleep just about anywhere. The previous posters have some excellent ideas!

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