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I'm so sorry to hear that things didn't get any better after I spoke with you last night. I will say a little prayer that all of you get good rest tonight.

Why do I feel guilty that my night last night was blissfully uneventful?

Let me know if you need anything...

Lisa P

Yuck! Hope tonight is better!!!


So sorry, Colleen. No rest for the weary :/ I'm totally with you about avoiding the ped's office...why expose her (and your tired self) to sick kids?

We had better results with Infant Motrin and Advil than Infant Tylenol. And if the fever was resistant, we were told by our pediatrician we could alternate using Advil and Tylenol at 2 hour intervals (so that you're dosing each drug every 4 hours) until the fever broke.


I hope Delaney is feeling better now! Poor baby. Yep...I'm an Infant Motrin convert.

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