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I'm sorry that it is so hard - emotionally, and perhaps physically soon - to wean. It still makes me sad to think about when the boy weaned. The good news is that you are taking it harder than she is. Sucks for you, but it's better than having a baby who cries for it when you don't want to give it to her.

I'll say a prayer that everything comes up squeaky clean on the colonoscopy next week. Anything I can do to help? Bring you broth or jello or anythign the day before?


Aw, Colleen! This reminds me of Callie. She was much younger than Delaney, but was slowly but surely weaning herself. We ended up in a situation where we couldn't nurse for at least 48 hours and she didn't miss it a bit. After that, I figured the time had come and indeed, it had.

You should be happy and proud that you were able to provide your daughter with something so healthy and meaningful for such a long time. She won't remember her days nursing, but she'll always be better for it.

Good luck with the testing!


I was SO sad when Ross decided to wean! In he end, I was glad it was a natural transition and that it wasn't traumatic for him. We kept the cuddle time each day, reading together instead of nursing. I'm sure Delaney will surprise you with new ways to keep you close as she weans.

I do not envy you the colonoscopy! I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers for it.


stopping by from Mrs. Flingers, and didn't want to lurk. My daughter weaned at 15 months, with very little fuss from either one of us. (though I also would've liked to keep the nursing boobs!)

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