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Mrs. Flinger

See, this is where I need to move down there. Because 1. I totally to the same thing with LB.. kid's club/workout/starbucks/blog. (and that's a normal day not a wed with a cleaning gal). Oh, I lie. I don't go to the gym every day. Esp lately. *sigh*

How do you get back on track? Good question. For me, esp after this misshap with my body, I'm pissed off enough to start body for life as soon as this is over. Ever time I've been succesful with my weight loss (and oh, I've yoyo-ed forever) it's because something clicks inside me. Something works. A picture. A comment. Something.

how helpful is that? :-) Not very. I know. But I struggle with it, too.


I feel like you were reading my mind. I've been fretting about the state of my house (constant mess), and feeling like I must be the only mama who isn't a pre housekeeper. And the gym stuff and the weight stuff: I have been trying to be good, and after a week of saying no to treats and getting to the gym a couple of times, I only lost 0.2 lbs. So frustrating. I've definitely felt more pressure to eat better now that I'm a role model (not a roll model, haha) to my girls.


Well, you could always do what I did, and post pictures of yourself in skimpy spandex on your blog... I found that gave me definite accountability. (I will say, at the risk of being annoying, that I LOVE T-Tapp, it's given me results that I never saw even when I was spening an hour or more in the gym every day, and I'm only working out 2-3 times a week.) Also, I somehow find it more motivating to work out with the goal of getting/staying healthy. That's a goal that I can start to achieve immediately... after the first workout, even, I feel stronger and more energetic. If I work out with the goal of fitting into a certain size or losing a certain amount of weight or having a waistline of 24 inches, I get frustrated and lose interest because those goals take a long time to achieve, or might not even be achieveable at all. (I don't think I've had a 24" waist since I got my driver's license.)

Note that I spoke about "working out" and not "dieting." Dieting and I don't get along. I focus on eating well -- feeding my family well, really -- but is life worth living without the occasional doughnut or cookie?

Jealous of the cleaning lady. I'm terrible at cleaning. Laundry, shopping, cooking I can handle, but I loathe the dusting and mopping and crap. Tried to convince my son this morning that he wants to take over some cleaning jobs. The only one he was willing to accept was vacuuming, but unfortunately I think the Dyson outweighs my 32-lb stringbean. He can use the hose attachment, but that's about it.


I sympathize with you on the weight issue. I was, well, let's say "chunky" as a kid. When adolescence hit I just woke up skinny one day. Really. That's about how I remember it. I was tiny in high school and tiny in college and actually lied about my weight so that I wouldn't have to say the number was as small as it was.

Then I got married and got pregnant and got pregnant again and life just got in the way. I eat more than I ever have, I exercise less, and surely my metabolism ain't what it used to be.

My friends who've only known me for the past few years still consider me small and maybe I am but I'm not the me I'm used to and it drives me nuts! So, what do I do about it? Sit here at my computer and type about it after having had a snack of powdered sugar donuts and find ever more excuses as to why I can't go take a walk or ride my bike.

Reading all of that crap probably doesn't help you one bit, but at least you know you're not alone! :)


i think maybe the guy thought you're blind and couldn't figure out how you were managing to do all that without being able to see. that's my guess, yesiree.


You need an e-mail buddy! The most weight I ever lost was about 5 years ago. My friend and I were looking to lose about the same amount. We lived in different states. But... every night... we e-mailed each other every single thing we ate that day, along with every single bit of exercise we did. Nothing was more motivating than the competition of who burned more calories each day!


Colleen, don't be so hard on yourself about the weight. It sounds like you had a set back.

For me, anyway, I have to let go of the dieting/exercising to lose weight idea because it is very toxic for me. It becomes an obsession. I have to focus on taking care of myself and doing stuff to be more healthful instead.

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