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I bought eye cream at the grocery store a couple months ago. It's got a lovely blurb about the organic powers of lavender, etc. Don't know if it's making a difference for my eyelids, but it smells good. The rest of my "makeup routine" consists of sunscreen and two year old clinique lip gloss I got as a bonus back when I wore makeup for work. It goes well with my costco jeans and t-shirts: very sexy.


Eye cream must be the ONLY area where I am ahead of the game because I'm 37 and I've been using it for years (usually Neutrogena brand.) Now I'm addicted to using it and I can't put on my eye makeup without it. The rest of my face may be sun splotchy, but by God my under eye circles are fully hydrated! Oh and my entire wardrobe is Target with a pinch of Old Navy and a TJ Maxx find thrown in for good measure!


You're supposed to put it on your eyeLIDS???


It goes on BEFORE your eye makeup???

OK. Now ya'll can see why I needed the directions. Damn you, Almay!

Mrs. Flinger

You KNOW how I feel about the iron. I hate it. I don't do it. If you want your stuff ironed, go get it out and use one. :-)

I heart you for your "don't give a rats ass" about Pradda. What the hell is pradda?


What more does anyone need than a pair of Old Navy yoga pants? They go with EVERYTHING!


Yeah. I own eye cream, but I rarely remember to apply it. I need to remember to apply cream more because my skin is suffering. When this happens the crease between my eyes becomes more pronounced. I hate that crease!

I apply eye cream with my ring finger and gently smooth it over the lid and across my under eye.

I am diligent about replacing my mascara. I hate when it gets clumpy. I bought a great gloss at TJ Maxx that was like $3, which I wear under my Covergirl lipstick. I'm blonde -- my make up is pretty much all pinks for the summer.

I'm nursing my 3 month old daughter, so I'm wearing terribly pricy tees from Motherhood (why why WHY can't Target carry these?!) along with my Target pants.

I shopped more at TJ and Marshalls for the labels when I worked in an office.


I don't believe you have a iron! I have been to your house and have not seen one :)

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