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I think that should gaurantee you a lifetime of perky tits but gravity can not be reasoned with. Thats what expensive Victorias Secret bras are for. (totally worth every penny)


My cousin told her husband she'd have a second baby for them if he'd get her a boob-job after they were done nursing... :).

Yay for clean booty!

The Pajama Mama

Two words for you: breast. lift. Best thing I ever did for my body!!


So glad to hear, Colleen! Been thinking about you.


So glad to hear the Booty Cam liked you!!

As for the boobs? They don't always sag. I've nursed two kids, both for nearly a year, and though mine ain't what they were when I was 21, I think they're not so bad.

We'll see what they are like after nursing three . . .


I totally wound up with the sacks of doom. even moreso after the second nursing child but i am happy to admit that they are back to normal since well, I got the new baby brewing. but man, I tell you what, I am not looking forward to winding up with even less that what I had. I need some kind of boob serum. Have any leads?

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