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My babysitter charges $10 and isn't terribly comfortable with Lindsay. Lauren thinks she's the bees knees though.

I'm sure I'd also have a 2 martini limit. The place we like to go for dinner in New Brunswick makes a yummy Mohito. I can drink a lot of rum without hitting the floor ;) A side note about nursing is that my littlest one's last meal is at 8 PM, so she isn't drinking vicariously ;)

Lately, though, my beverage of choice has been beer. It has the pleasant effect of increasing milk for those odd dates out.


What's with the grocery store run at the end of the date? I thought it was just us!! Although last weekend we went for lunch and then bought paint! Woo!


We don't do date night enough, but we do get the occasional night out. Friday we went to a new place, turned out they did not have their liquor license. Whooo. It actually ended up being so funny, we laughed and laughed like 12 year olds and it was great!


sigh. I loved the two martini limit and look forward to finding it again. And I won't tell you how jealous I am that ya'll have date nights twice a month and don't even have to pay for sitters because that would be WRONG. you hag.



I'm insanely jealous of all your free babysitters! Our dates also tend toweard the "old people grocery store" ending, if we don't just take out our teeth and go there in the first place.


I would have died to have someone volunteer to babysit, but once our oldest was old enough to do the job there was no stopping us, we're out every weekend. Liberating? You have no idea.


How great that you get to have a date night once or twice a month. My husband and I don't have kids and we don't even go out that often! Of course we don't have to go OUT to get a few hours of piece and quiet, so that helps. :)

Mrs. Flinger

Right there with ya on the two martini limit. Oh, we'll be FUN when we get together! :-)

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