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Have fun whatever you decide to do!

At least have a margarita, or three. ;)


If you are anything like us, you are just out of practice! ;)

I always try to get J to pull over into a dimly lit parking lot so we can make out like we did when we were in college, but he never agrees. Probably he's the smart one, but I say he needs to live a little.

Have fun and like Jamie said, alcohol can certainly get things started!


We had a sitter for supper club tomorrow night, and supper club was canceled... do we keep the sitter? WHAT DO WE DO!?


yeah. I think it's because you might have to talk. so I'd suggest a movie. ;)

Mommy off the Record

That SO sounds like me and the Husband! We always end up going to dinner and a movie. We're pretty unoriginal.

Have fun on your night out!


I can totally relate. I recommend a murder mystery dinner. Or a fondue restarant. Mmmmm....cheese.

Emily of Redwhineandboo

Ha! We had that exact problem last night. We ended up at a random sports bar that we went to years ago. Now I remember why we never went back. The bar was horrible but we had a great time playing the worst pool game of all time, and doing mullet counts. Even the worst place can end up being the best date.

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