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Monkeys...butt...too funny!!

"They" say it takes 28 days for a new habit to stick. So give yourself time!


I read somewhere that it's important to hydrate when you first wake up. Maybe you can get a bottle of water in you on the way to the gym?


monkeys flying out of your butt?! i've never known anyone else to say that EVER! J said it to me once and i use it all the time. just today i said it, as a matter of fact!

stick with the gym routine--soon you'll be bumming if you don't get to go :)

i joined you in 30 mins of cardio and then did 30 mins on the bowflex. i've been trying hard to get back into my old routine. at least i don't feel so bad on workout days when i sit on the couch at night for hours on end!


Just impressed you made it out of bed. Now you are making me feel bad for eating the 2nd slice of cheese cake at lunch, yeah you heard me right, that 2nd slice. Meh!


Go Colleen! You rock! You are my idol! And if you think a monkey IS gonna fly out your butt, can we PLEASE get that on video? I think America's Funniest Home Videos still pays $10K for the best videos.

Oh, and a there might be a couple of doctors who want to view that tape as well. Just to make sure that you aren't gonna sue because they accidentally left behind a little ass-monkey when they did your colonoscopy in September.


Good luck with your workout.....I've gotten way, way off track, and need to start back with my workouts. It's hard!

Just popped in via NaBloPoMo.


nice job!!!! I'm sending you good energy to keep with it!

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