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amber @ a SAHM's musings

Wow, what a guy! Now that's what I call love! You are really livin' the life, huh? A hubby that does all that AND a maid! I have to go pick my jaw up off the floor :-)

P.S. thanks for the sweet comment about my DS. We sure think he's handsome.


He treats you like a queen because he thinks you are. Lucky girl! ;)

Emily of Redwhineandboo

Glad to hear your prince is home! Don't feel bad about him doing some work, you deserve it! My man loves to cook and all that too. We are not spoiled, we are just lucky!

Pastormac's Ann

Love! Definitely love.

Good post for Love Thursday! You love him, he loves you, you both love Delaney.

Happy Love Thursday.


Wow, I really need to step up my game with my lady. I'm no slouch, but your post inspired me to do more for my lady.



Just wondering if your hubby is interested in bigamy??? He sounds fab. I will relocate.

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