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Since I started watching Top Chef, I find that I narrate what I'm doing in my head. Yeah, because Chef Tom is going to show up beside me and ask how it's going??? I'm trying to console myself that it comes from being around little not so verbal kids and having to keep the conversation going all the time, which sounds more like I'm a good mom rather than self absorbed (which probably is my real problem!).


The first summer my husband and I were together, he worked for an opera company. They had a wine tasting event at which we volunteered. It was considerably less fancy - about a dozen wines for sampling with fruit, cheese, and crackers...but still the tickets were $40 and we had an excellent time getting drunk while pouring wine.


I've always had that life narration thing going on in my head...blogging is a great way to get it out and make room for something else up there for a while! As for NaBloPoMo, I initially decided not to participate because I knew I wouldn't be able to complete the month. Despite that, I've been trying to post daily in honor of the month...and have since realized that I shouldn't have even considered participating, vacation or not. I'm not blogging to write more or even to write at all - I'm blogging to share life at my house with people who care. If I had to write every day regardless of whether anything noteworthy happened, I might start to dislike blogging...and that would be a shame. Maybe I'll award myself a B&N gift card for my burst of self realization!


Oooh, the wine tasting sounds like it was fun.

Um, does this make THREE alcohol related posts in a row now? Not that anyone's counting! :)

Emily of Redwhineandboo

Ugg we are also still trudging through the month. Sounds like a great girls night out! I will have to steal the idea when the beer fest rolls around here.


I'm so jealous! If my family hadn't been in town, I might have splurged and gotten tickets and a paid baby-sitter to go to that event. I'm so glad you had a good time.

Yes, ever since I have started my blog, I think in blog posts. Man, would there be a ton of updates to my blog if I didn't have to sit down and type it all out. I'm no typing slouch, but I can't type in the shower! (Well, I guess I COULD, but then my computer wouldn't work anymore so what would the point be?)

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