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Oh, the time out. I think there's a spot worn out on the stairs now. And the scratching: Big Girl hasn't ever been too much of a scratcher, and virtually not at all recently. I reprimanded her today and got nailed in the face. Two days before our family photos will be taken. Fortunately, this will give me good guilt trip material for the next...oh, 15+ years: "and that's the scar you gave mama!"


Time outs you say, yeah we know them well here. Red got her first naked time out the other day, don't ask. They suck, but they do sink in after a while. Red goes in phases, lots of time outs for a few days, and then the storms calms for a while. Sometimes just the threat of a time out does the trick. Good luck to you, but I do advise, no naked time outs, trust me.


i would like to tell you it gets better but thrills me to hear I am not alone in the two year old terrors.


In my house, the terrible 2's really started at 18 months. Then 2 was horrible and 3 really sucked ass. By 4, they all mellowed out for the most part. Hang in there, but you'll definitely have those days when you're trying to sell her body parts on Ebay or at least find some nice gypsy family to take her.

Imperfect Christian

Ha ha!! Welcome to my life!! Our 2.5 year old has turned into a little hellion!! And I have another one right on her heels! Ain't motherhood grand?!?


Hang in there! With diligence and a little yelling (sometimes you just HAVE to), you'll get a turning-eight who puts herself into time out after doing something that just shouldn't be done...


My daughter just turned 21 months old last week. She is scratching and pinching (when she is happy!). She has broken countless Christmas ornaments because her response to "no touching" is to touch faster. She has now taken to stripping and running through the house naked. You gotta love toddlers...

steven davies

MY son is 22 months now and I wonder if you can give me some toddler tips,because I don't know what to do with him.

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