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I taught Big Girl to say dude and find it quite hilarious. Singing to Delaney is awesome! And good call on the morning workouts; my plan is to go around that time once I'm back at work. I tried to get there at 9 on Sat. and Sun. Sat. I got there by 10 (after going coat shopping first), and didn't go today. It's a work in progress.

amber @ a SAHM's musings

We call our little guy "dude" all the time. We can't get past it.


1. i do say it outloud (running and hiding)
2. me too. it's bad, really bad.
3. what is this "gym" you speak of? :)


Reading about your Gym plan made me tired, and I call Red dude all the time! Now she is starting to call me MamaDude. Nice I know.


look, at least you are making plans to go to the gym. some is always better than none.

Mrs. Flinger

Hey, I saw you went to the gym. NICE WORK! Maybe I can get my thickening pregnant ass out of bed at six, too, and go walk on the treadmill.


Sorry, that was funny.

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