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First, your "curvy" self is the image I think most women should WANT to look like. Not fat, and not scary stick thin. Regular, healthy, sexy curves. That look like a NORMAL person.
Second, your hair rocks. Lurve it.


You look so HOT in that photo! Sorry, don't mean to sound pervy, but I'm totally jealous that you have a fabulous photo, hell a whole book of photos like that. I wish I'd done something like that pre-babies, even pre falling down the stairs. (I have a bruise on my butt! Who gets a bruise on their butt?) You should be getting a cut from the photographer for bringing in business!


That is an amazing photo. You should be proud that not only does your sweet hubby want to display it, but someone else out there thinks that you are fantastic enough to represent their work. You look fantastic!

Mrs. Flinger

Well, *I* think it's an amazing photo and you look fab, dawling. I love that you got to be on the cover!! I'm proud to know you! :-)

Heather aka Epiphany Alone

I have moments like that all the time feeling like people are staring at my kids too long and adoringly for strangers.

The photo is gorgeous. When are your royalty checks going to start rolling in? ;)

Monday morning confession: After 3 nights of 1 AM, 4 AM, and 6 AM feedings, I took a Tylenol 3 before bed last night after having had a bit too much Beaujolais Nouveau and left a bottle of milk on my hubby's nightstand.


Awesome! She should have asked you, but I'm sure she was afraid you'd say no and then she wouldn't be able to use on of her best photos on her site. I will never forget seeing the proof of that pic and being amazed that she was able to actually capture your beauty when you can't even really see your face.


Awesome picture--you should be proud!!

Meanwhile, your hair is STUNNING in that photo. Is that natural curl? If so, PLEASE tell me what products you use. My hair is naturally very curly and I've only just recently started wearing it that way sometimes and not running the flat iron over it. Despite trying lots of different products, I still get more frizz than I'd like most of the time.

Hope your cold is dead and gone!!


That? is GORGEOUS. BEAUTIFUL. and very very tasteful.

You should be proud.


Looooove that picture! Just stunning.

For my curly hair, Lisa, I use TIGI Bedhead's Curls Rock. I luff it.

My husband (who is in no way metro - just a sucker for my hair stylist's sales pitch, haha) just got Small Talk that is supposed to decrease frizz and flyaways, too.

Go curly hair! People who don't have it want it, so you might as well flaunt it! :D

Cate Ross

You look GORGEOUS, babe! Plus, now you are officially a "model." So I guess that means you get to date Leo DiCaprio and get into all the cool clubs now.

I hear models won't get out of bed for less than $15,000 a day. Now you can say that too.

Imperfect Christian

That is a beautiful photo!!


Woo-hoo, baby! You should make that photog pay you good money for using your beautiful image like that to hawk his wares. I'm thinking about another artist gallery that will want to feature it, too!!! ( Lovely.

Tigi bedhead

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