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Yay! I love these! My favourites at our house are "Up" which Baby Girl now says with her little arms lifting up, and "Good job, Mommy" which Big Girl says.


Hi Colleen,
Just thought I'd say hello from Sydney, Australia! I wanted to thank you for your very kind reviews of my books on your blog - The Last Anniversary and Three Wishes. I saw you'd reviewed Three Wishes first and I then kept checking in to see if you'd read the other one yet - so relieved that you liked it!
As a result I got hooked on your blog and I now find myself thinking, "hmm, wonder what Colleen and Delaney are up to!" I don't have any children myself yet but I do have four nephews under the age of 2 - so I do relate to your stories about toddlerville!
Thanks again for your reviews. As an Australian author trying to build a name in the US market, I really appreciated the publicity!
Hope you're feeling better soon,
Best wishes,
Liane Moriarty


Thanks for the Delaney news :) I think it was at the age 2 ped visit that one of the questions was "Does your daughter speak in 2 word sentences?" I squinted at the doc, and replied, "I've lost track of how many words she uses in a sentence."

"Hewwo Patwik! (Grammy's dog)Howwa you today? You wan kibbews? I get dem for you. Mama help me. Mama wan doggie! Wuv da doggie."


She's glib. 3 out my 4 have been early yappers, with only one who didn't say much (because of yapping older sibling, mostly).
I do like when they have a running dialogue, they sort of rat themselves with their commentary, reporting in on spills and dirty diapers. Quiet kid keeps ya guessin!


I keep my blog for the very same reason. I'm hoping also that the kids will better understand me as an individual person on this planet when they are old enough to comprehend what that means. In like, 30 yrs or so. :) I love that proto-grammar-early talking stuff. LOVE IT!


She says A LOT!!!!! :-)

Emily of Redwhineandboo

Never worry your writing is not interesting enough for the blog. I enjoy it every day, even if it is just because I can relate. I love the snippets of D's talking. I can not wait for Red to expand her vocabulary.


"Uh oh. Pants ah fawin." LOVE IT!

Also, I adore your books sidebar. I add most of your selections to my own book list and frequently find myself checking out other books by the same authors after enjoying the one you posted about. Hooray for good books!

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