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um, yeah, you let me know when you teach self-discipline to your not quite 2 yr old because my 2 yr old is having none of it.

I do a combination spank and time out...but always feel better when not spanking. Spanking always makes me feel worse, which is why I try not to do it. Good luck!


Oh, yuck! Let me offer this, for whatever it's worth. ALL kids get testy, for lack of a better word, around the holidays. Even when, like Delaney, they might be too young to really get it, they can sense the clutter, chaos, tension, and excitement. Plus, after having been sick, she's REALLY out of sorts.

I know that doesn't make the situation any easier, but at least it explains it . . . maybe . . . a little.

Hang in there, drink as needed (GOSH, do I wish I could indulge once in a while these days!!!) and be thankful for the good days. Uh, good hours? Maybe good minutes? You know what I mean!! :)


Inner discipline sounds nice...and FICTIONAL!!! Mwaa haa haa haa. ;)

Just kidding. Hopefully the diaper change tactics over at my place gave you some ideas! Amelia hates, hates, hates her changing table so I need to just turn it into a baker's rack of something. LOL

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