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You are fun to be around.

As for the travel, I have this one thought to offer: they have stores where you are going, promise. Like, where you can buy stuff. It's amazing. There are children in OTHER STATES.


I keep forgetting that some people just pick up and go places...then I remember that they don't have small children. We haven't been out of city limits since last summer. I'm already dreading the trip we're planning to take around Easter. It's that mama instinct: I found I always wanted to be prepared for everything and traveling just has a little too much spontaneity. I have to say though that for all the headaches of getting ready to get there, it was so great to see Big Girl having such an awesome time with her extended family. She loved the whole big adventure! And that made it totally worthwhile. Hope your trip will be as gratifying!


i was going to say something smart here and then i read nicole's comment and now i can't stop laughing. that was seriously funny.

also, as you may have guessed, my computer has been down, so i didn't get a chance to get back to you yet, but THANK you for the email. it helped. i'm on the straight and narrow now, i promise ;)

but still laughing about there being stores and children in other states. i'll bbl with something smarter to say. once i can compose myself, i mean.



I'm glad you decided to go. It will be okay. I know that you have had some, um, concerning experiences with Delaney not sleeping when not in her own bed, but you are going to be fine. Let me know when you have a few spare moments and we can get together and chat about the flying and stuff. A plan will make you feel better.

Hope Delaney gets to feeling better soon. Three days is a long damn time for you to be home constantly with a sick toddler.

Perhaps you need that drink NOW. Oh, wait. You can't do that. It would be irresponsible parenting ( Grrr.

Be well and let me know if you need anything. I won't come in your house, but I can drop stuff at the door. And back away slowly. Or turn and run from the crud that is behind your front door.


Oh honey I am so sorry D is still so sick. We *just* got rid of the hacking here, I know there is an end in sight for you. Nothing is worse than that feeling of helplessness when you can not make things better.
As for the flying, seriously think about asking your doctor for a sedative. Nothing huge to knock you out, but just something to calm the nerves. My dear sister in law does that when she flies and it helps so much. I am sure you will pack way more than you need, and forget something vital. This is what we do as mothers. Don't worry too much, I am sure they have stores in the Midwest that will have that one vital thing. Enjoy your trip, sounds like you will have lots of loving faces meeting you there.


Overdramatic? No indeed not! Overdramatic is me when my vaccuum cleaner spit all of the crud I'd just vaccuumed up right back at me!!

So sorry to hear Delaney is sick. Nothing is worse than endlessly caring for a sick little person. Hang in there!

As for the flying thing, I have a feeling your motherly duties will distract you from your own fears. And I'm sure Delaney will be fine. She'll be excited by the new adventure! Bring along lots of snacks in small portions so you can always divvy out something new. Make a trip to your local dollar store and spend $5-$10 on BRAND NEW TOYS! It's cheap stuff but things she's never seen before and much more likely to hold her attention than old favorites. Hand out one at a time as needed.

And that was really good advice about being able to buy stuff where you're going. After 5 1/2 years of parenting, I still need that reminder sometimes!! :)

Cathy Frye

Re flying — One of my girlfriends was so terrified of flying she always left a goodbye letter -- very dramatic, filled with apologies and I-love-yous, along with instructions for dealing with her home & belongings in the event of a demise. Then she discovered the beauty of sedatives. (Not sure which one...) Before then, she always relied on Crown & Coke, but as you noted, there comes a time when you simply don't want to be that drunken passenger everyone notices...

Re Delaney -- I hope she feels better soon. Hang in there!

And Nicole, I hate to admit it, but I'm one of those people who forgets that you can actually BUY things when you're out of town. OCD. Major, major OCD.


Aww! It will be okay...things will begin falling into place, Delaney will recover, and you'll begin to look forward to your trip. Now, planes freak me out too and the last time I was on one I took Lily (she was 2, and I was pregnant with Emma). The flight there was fine but the return flight was not because of the damn oversized cookie I let Lily eat right before boarding. Up it came all over me and the witchy flight attendent who snarkily asked if Lily was going to sit in her own seat, had to take a powder because apparently vomie wasn't her thing. So, watch what you feed her is all I'm sayin'. And good luck getting all your work done!!


Are you getting a seat for Delaney? It really helps if she has her carseat and can just be snuggled in for the flight. Then you won't have to deal with a climbing-all-over-you toddler in a too-small-of-a-spot for those hours. Trust me. It helps a lot. We've flown a few times with our little one and even when we don't buy a seat, we ask at the check-in desk if an extra seat is available for us. If there is one (and the attendant isn't a total jerk like they once were to us for no good reason), they usually give it to traveling families for no extra cost if they ask for it. Worth a try at least, eh?
Oh and my little one is sick right now too. Sounds similar. Rash, cough, fever, snotty nose. Maybe it is something going around. I just hope right now (selfishly) that I don't get it. I've been WAY too sick this winter season already. Not in the mood for more just yet. ;)
Big hugs to you. Keep your chin up. "This too shall pass" as my momma always said.


Having dragged our younguns around the world a bit, here are some tips for maintaining sanity all around:

1. Portable DVD player. We got one before our first flight with two kids (they were 3 and 1) and it still ranks high on our list of best purchases. Movies on airplanes are never suitable for young kids and they usually can't see the screens anyway.

2. Snacks - a wide assortment in single-serve packets; don't try to mess with dispensing from a large container. Buy the tiniest juice boxes. Expense per volume is not the key here; convenience is. Pack "way home" treats in checked luggage so you'll have them ready for the return voyage.

M&Ms or other by-the-piece candy are good for a momentary distraction (give one or two pieces at a time). Always give the candy when D. is behaving will NOT be a happy mom if she equates squealing with getting a chocolate bit!

3. New stuff. Small stuff. A smurf; a hot wheels car; hit the dollar store for a new coloring or sticker book. Pick up a new book or two. We find that having one new little treat per expected travel hour works out pretty well. Be sure to get things for the way home, and pack those in your checked luggage so they will actually be there for the way home.

4. NEVER SHOW THE HORDE! Always pull out one thing at a time. Never rummage around or make it look like you have more than one thing to choose from. Showing the stash will lead to five minutes of frenzied investigation and then boredom and grumpiness for the rest of the trip.

5. Remember to look at the trip from Delaney's perspective once in a while. The airport is vastly different from the 30" sightline! Give yourself a treat and wonder what she's thinking now and then.

Have fun! If you take travelling in stride, so will Delaney. If a grasshopper is going to make it better for you, give D. a few green M&M's so you can knock back the green stuff together!


I flew with Caitlin when she was 23 months old. I am overplanner, overthinker, overworrier, you name it. I agree with Karen. I had a tote bag full of goodies she'd never seen...a plastic slinky, a sticker book with new stickers, a small lift the flap book, animal crackers, etc. But you know what? She was just so enamored with the entire plane experience she just wanted to sit in mama's lap and look outside! Hallelujah! My yoga teacher traveled to South America with her 2-year-old for Christmas and acted like it was a piece of cake. Whew!

I hope she is feeling better soon. There's nothing worse than a clingy toddler to drain you. Have they ruled out roseola? We've experienced that here before. Yuck!

Hang in there. I promise I won't tell the Today Show if you have a drink before you board the plane with Delaney! ;)

Mrs. Flinger

I thought I loved you before this post but now? You are so one of my favorites EVAH. Grasshopers? MY DRINK! I love'em! Now I know what we're doing when we get together next fall. (Yes, I'm flying down there next fall. With both kids. Not alone)

I'm the same way with flying. Scares the SHITE out of me. But! You'll be great. Really. And I hope Delaney gets better soon. I can totally sympathize with the not-enough-time gig. You know that, though. So, I'm here. For a distraction. If you need it. (Also? CALL ME, DAMNIT!) Muwha.


I'm not sure how old D. is (I just found your blog today and have only read this one post) but I am flying with my 16 month old in a few weeks for the first time. I was super concerned about lugging a big car seat thru the airport and onto the plane - just seemed like a major pain. I found a newly FAA approved harness thingy that weighs 1 lb and folds up into a little pouch. I really hope it works as well as it looks! Anyhow, if you're worried about the same thing you might want to check it out (

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