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I'm so glad she's on her way to feeling all better again. We have the same lingering side effects around here when any sickness has come and gone.

Enjoy your time out today!


Dollar Day at the Rodeo? There's something we just can't get in New Jersey...


Glad to hear Delaney's on the mend!!! YEA!

Very glad to hear you got out for a while, salsa notwithstanding!

Dollar day? Cool! We have friends in Fort Worth and want to take the kids to the next big stock show that's there. We're nerdy, too. I can't tell you how many Sunday evenings Shane and I have spent watching PBR on TV! And enjoying it!

Not watching the Super Bowl? Not that's just un-American. Sorry, Roger. It's worth it just to see the commericials if you don't like football.

P.S. GO COLTS!!! Bears be damned!


Hey spilled salsa for margaritas. I'd make that trade any day! ;)

Enjoy dollar day at the rodeo. Yee haw!

We're watching the big game tonight. I'm already sipping on a beer and just made a big pot of chili.

Glad Delaney is on the mend...the neverending cuddling can get old!


yay for spilled salsa and free margaritas!

glad delaney is better. kaia got a rash with that crazy fever virus she had too. it was horrid.

we don't watch football either, so we're with you in spirit at the dollar rodeo :)


How was the movie? I've been wanting to see it but all the critics have given it awful reviews. Just curious what you thought of it?

And I would kill for salsa on my pants today if it meant someone would bring me a margarita!


You are so right about Southern men, slovenly yet courtly. Glad you are getting OUT.


Was the movie good?

My kids ALWAYS get hives when they get a virus. When their doctor told me it was a virus side effect, I thought he was bat-shit crazy. Guess not!


I still haven't ever been to a rodeo and that is more than enough reason to get me kicked out of the state. I do want to go tho, it just hasn't happened yet. sigh.

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