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I hate flying too. I have to think about everything but the fact that I'm on a plane or I panic. And if we are stuck on a runway, I beg Monte to knock me out.


Spoiled? Perhaps. Selfish? Never. Not you. You will be okay. Even if you completely freak out, it will take less time to get there than it took to have Delaney. Try and think that way: "I won't be on a plane for as long as I was in labor." You made it through that and it was WAY harder.


It's true, at least mine distracted me from my fears. What's wierd is I wasn't even afraid until I had kids - like I had more to live for now. But with a toddler, unless they fall asleep they will demand a lot of attention. And you feel so great when they do fall asleep you probaby will relax a little.


My personal feeling is that you go when it's your time to go, whether you're mid-flight or standing in your own backyard. Why not take a trip?

On quick lunch, do french fries or chicken nuggets have dairy? Try McD's for a quick lunch and a bonus new toy.

We're headed to Buffalo for the long weekend...rumor has it there are several feet of snow down and more coming! I hope there will be room for us in the car with all the hats and boots... :)


good luck! you're going to do fine. what's a few hours in the big scheme of life?!


It's hard to imagine that you were ever truly self-centered if you now have the grace to thank your toddler for giving you perspective.


I was nervous about flying with Caitlin for the first time (she was 23 months) and it wasn't bad at all. I swear!


Good luck with the flight! I myself will be making my flight Monday with toddler in tow. I'm in denial - have been pushing it out of my mind. My cousin, who travels with 2 kids under 5 a few times a year from Wyoming to MA gave me good advice. She said, it's never as bad as you think it will be. Let's hope she's right!

Oh, my hairdress told me about something called Ear Planes - which are some sort of ear plug you wear, or put in kid's ears, during take off and landing. She said they are wonderful but putting them in a toddler's ears? Sounds like a workout.


I'm right there with you, girl! Terrified of flying! We went with Ava to see my family... and Fred ended up taking care of her, while I spent the flight with my head bent over, holding it in my hands.

Mrs. Flinger

I hope it's going well for y'all. Thinking of you and knowing you'll be great!

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