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That last one killed me. My son just turned 2 a week ago, and his favorite thing to say to me is, "Mommy check boobies on." He then looks down my shirt to make sure my boobies are indeed on. I don't know where he thinks they are going.

It was made even more surreal when he asked to check Daddy's penis. Yikes.


The boob one cracked me up, too. Preston's been known to look down my shirt and check to see if I have a bra on. Huh???

Oh, and "Mama not naked every day"? Care to shed some light on that one???


Aww. Thanks for that post. I love the things that little kids say.

surviving motherhood

"mama not naked every day"



This is so funny. I think I started reading your blog at the same time you posted Delaney's last "verbal creations". The one that made me giggle out loud is "Dadda, I too busy to sleep"

Good stuff. Thanks -


"I too busy to sleep!" I love it! The Target boobs revelation is too cute.

And girl, I am so "guilty" of sharing the cutesie things my kids say.


Definitely worth reading to the end!

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