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I'm so glad you made it safe and that the trip wasn't completely crushing. I'm glad to hear that Delaney was a good little flyer and that she was all smiles. Good job to all of you and I hope that you have a lovely visit. ;)


Glad it went well. Sounds a lot like our trips to Chicago, which we no longer take in the winter if we can avoid it.


It's always interesting to learn the meaning of "frigid".

I was standing outside and after a few minutes, it hurt to speak because it caused movement in my face which was frozen.




Hi, I really like your blog. Delaney is adorable and I'm glad she's traveling well. My Samantha reminds me of her, she talks alot, about 30 words but is not yet walking at 13 months, it's frustrating me but I'm trying to concentrate on how much she's talking. I'm glad Delaney traveled well we're going to Mexico with Sam in 2 days. Wish us luck too! Safe trip home...

Cathy Frye

Ah, the joy of air travel. I don't fear flying, just hate all the hassles.

Glad to hear Delaney did well.

Let us know how the reunion goes! (My stepkids are here right now. Amanda's in heaven. But poor stepdaughter, who is almost 15, has had to play Beauty and the Beast all morning long.)


Glad to hear the flight went so well! We leave Monday - on screwed up JetBlue Airways. I hope they have their act together by then! : )


oh, sweetie, getting there is only half the fun if you're one of the kids. but delaney seems like a wonderful traveling companion. i bet if you wear an extra layer and fed-ex your luggage ahead of you, you'll have a fabulous time next time.

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