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First of all I admire you for even getting your booty to the gym at that hour! I was going to go to a 10:30 yoga class...did I? Nooooo. I went to Home Depot and paid homage to the nursery where I bought pansies and such for Caitlin and I to plant. But it was so nice out. I couldn't resist. ;)


Why? Because 5:45am should be outlawed, that's why! Still, I know how you feel. That good feeling is what makes me drag my sorry self to hockey rinks at similarly absurd hours. When I can't rectify the hour, I find it helpful to consider it my obligation to go; I'd be letting my team down if I didn't. Any chance of finding a buddy in the 5:45 to sort of force you to feel guilty if you skip? :)


5:45 am? have you lost your mind? while I can relate to waking before the little ones, I simply cannot function before 9:00 am. I guess all those years of having to be at work for 6:30 am did it to me.

Wow, 5:45?? LOL

Mrs. Flinger

Honey, if you can answer that question, please call me up asap. Because I'm right there with you. Of course, I tell myself NOW it's because I'm all knocked up but really? No excuse. None. And I know I feel better.

We should make some sort of pact or something that includes rewards and keeping each other accountable. Like, "I'll send you an iMix if you go three times next week!" Or, hell, maybe I'll just do that for you. ;-)

Cathy Frye

So, people are, like, awake and *exercising* at that hour?

Whoa. Dude. No way.

Heather AKA Epiphany Alone

The mindset that's helping me keep routines lately, and YMMV, is that after 30 days, you can make anything a habit.


Its hard for you to evolve because getting up at 5:30 is insanely difficult! Cut yourself some slack.
PS- I got woken up the other morning directly out of a very good dream if you know what I mean. Very disappointing.


I don't like me until at least 11 a.m. and after some sort of caffiene!!!!


Nobody should have to wake up at 5:30am unless they are catching a flight to a tropical paradise.


Yes, the only times in my life I've ever awakened at that hour are when I've had to catch a flight. That's an interesting concept about waking before the wee one. It might be less startling than what happens in our house -- our toddler tiptoes out of bed and sneaks up on us before shouting or tickling us out of dreamland.


I made this new plan to get up before P. every morning. Have some time before we start the day - for all the reasons you describe. My problem wasn't that I couldn't do it though. My problem was that no matter how early I got up (6:30… 6… 5… ) the little bugger woke up too! I haven't solved this problem yet.

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