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Congrats on reaching 300! And I love your banner! No strong feelings though about Taylor Hicks...


I guess this means that your rear is less provoking than mediocre comments about Taylor Hicks? Clearly, your early morning trips to the gym are paying off! :)


LMAOOOOOOOO crazy peeps!

Mrs. Flinger


You are so so so so awesome.


Wow. Just wow.

Congrats on #300!!


I so didn't see those comments until today. Man, oh man are people touchy about Taylor! Well, you haven't arrived until people leave you the occasional nasty comment.

Congrats on 300!


Thoes comments are some of the funniest things I have ever read! Who knew the 60-year olds read your blog?!?!?


Holy crap, those comments were AWESOME! Oh, were they being serious? Anyway, rock on.

Heather AKA Epiphany Alone

Wow. That's remarkable. I barely have the time to techorati my own blog to make sure people don't trash talk me...but some random person from reality TV?

Besides. I'd pick Boston Rob from Survivor/Amazing Race. What a hottie...


Holey crap woman. I am in awe of you and your Crazy Ass Soul Patrol inducing writing! How did they even find you? Well I just had to write a note to say that I kind of love you even more for being targeted by the SP. Ok well now that I have said that I am off to write a I hate Clay Akin post to try and get my stats up!


You rebel YOU! ;)

Happy 300th post! Keep on bloggin' mama!


Isn't it amazing what fires people up? I've written about all kinds of incendiary topics, and gotten nothing but supportive and friendly comments. The only time I've gotten a genuinely nasty comment was when I said that perhaps the women who were on an elegant Mother's Day luncheon river cruise could have worn something other than khaki shorts and Tevas.

I've got no idea who Taylor Hicks is (someone from American Idol, I take it) but I think YOU rock.


Congrats on 300 posts! I'm closing in on 100 myself. Good grief - looks like the Soul Patrol is coming for you!


I said something snarky about Lent and got a mean comment- my first one! But it wasn't very exciting so I ignored it. If you want to piss someone off say Lent is pointless (Oh God- I hope that wasn't you!) :)


Congrats on #300! Too bad you got a bunch of crazies for #299! Who opened the door and let them in??


Come on.........please write a post dissing Clay Aiken. I dare ya!


I don't even know who that dude is. Whatever. opinions...every a-hole has one. or something like that.


I totally support you. But I should admit I've never watched AI.


You rule!!!

And AARPy McSeizure" sucks!!! (That was for their benefit, not yours. I know you kinda like him...even though he is a terrible, terrible singer. And not hot at all.)

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