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Baby Girl, at 15 months, has totally mastered the "NOOO!" Thank you, big sis. I am having a hard time with the discipline stuff, too. Being back at work, and having limited time with the kidlets, I want every moment to be rainbows and sweety sunshine. I do not want to be mean mama and lay down the law. I remind myself that sometimes when the adults set the boundaries, despite what the kids may say, it shows that they're cared for, that their wellbeing does matter.


In this case, how you ACT is more important than how you FEEL. You may feel like a fake, but as long as you don't act like one, it will be okay. You are a great mother and are doing a wonderful job!

Heather AKA Epiphany Alone

I echo MamaChristy: You're a great mom, Colleen!

I have found that the journey of being the mom has meant that that wounded, insecure girl inside of me is healing. She finally knows how to love her(not-perfect)self and to embrace being good enough. Sometimes we have to teach the lessons in order to learn them ourselves.


They really are the same age, aren't they? I'm not sure if I can blame it on the new addition or her being 2 in a matter of weeks (!) but we've been experiencing something quite similar. She's been spending the entire week with dad while I have little man attactched to me and now all she wants is him. I tried to get her up this morning and she screamed "no, daddy up" until he came in to do it. This isn't our first round of daddy-will-only-do but it still hurts all the same.

If karma has anything to do with the teen years we're totally in for it over here.


Oh honey, we are so in the same boat here too. We may be a couple months behind, but we are going through the same thing. The other day she refused to go down the slide untill I stepped aside and let her wiz by falling on her backside. I tried to help her up but she just screamed at me "no help mama gah!" This whole modern mom reason with your kid thing is HARD! If you find the hand book, can you please lend it to me when you are done?


oh, yes. now I remember how it starts. Do you want to know where it goes at three, when they are more verbal and manipulative?

"Mama, I don't love you."

Niiiiiice, sweet thing who stole my girlish figure and made me forgo alcohol for more than a year.

I don't have the answers. All I know is that statements like that bring out my inner rational supermom, whose mouth can reply, "Well, I love you no matter what" even when her heart is breaking.

Cathy Frye

...and then there's age 4, when your daughter shrieks, "Just LEAVE ME ALONE, MOMMY!"

or --


Of course, these are preferable to, "Mommy, I want to sit in your lap because it's so squishy."


I know what you mean though, about feeling like the fraud in the room. It's kind of like being the only girl at a junior high dance who doesn't know the latest moves.


I totally get it...not three weeks ago, when I was pushed away from Leda BY Leda when attempting to have a morning cuddle, I swore that my heart had been ripped out of my chest and stomped on. I was depressed for the three days that my daughter apparently decided that Daddy was the best parent and Mommy sucked!

Do you think it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't treat the other parent, you know, the one that DIDN'T CARRY AND NURISH THEM FOR 10 MONTHS (that's right, 10 Months, not NINE!) like they were the BOMB?

I've noticed that the "terrible twos" come in waves - there are times when we have several days when Leda is the greatest little girl in the western hemishere (no offense to Delaney!) and then several days of Devil Girl! I've learned to cherish the good days and look back on them when having to figure out how to discipline the devil child!


Did you step into my head this week? Same thing here. Same feelings. I swear this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, parenting. And I've been divorced and widowed.


I am right there with Nicole's comment. Of course they will break your heart but who knew it would happen so soon? Believe it or not, after the first few rounds your hide will thicken a bit. It's all about getting a reaction from you and the endless power struggle loop. Although, I suppose it is possible that once in a while they are just being kids and not master manipulators. :)


As long as she's safe, you might consider obeying Delaney's demand. I seem to recall a similar demand in my own past. After a quick evaluation, I said, "Ok, I'll leave you alone," and retreated to a bench at the edge of the swing set. A few minutes later, when the swing had come to a complete stop, a very forlorn little voice called over, "Mama? Mama? You come back?" Granted, it's not always so easy to leave a toddler in a safe place but, if you can, it's a great lesson in consequence! :)

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