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OOH, I will have to think on this for a bit. Great list btw!


Love it! Speaking of jeans I think I've worn the same Old Navy capri jeans three days this week (without WASHING THEM!) ;)


Yeah! Microwave nuggets are a staple in our house. Ok, now I really want a cupcake.


Love it. And damn, you are the second person to tag me for this and I'm totally in denial.

Cathy Frye

Cupcakes, guilty.

Chicken nuggets, guilty.

Jeans? Still haven't found a pair that flatters. Sigh...


How did you take that? Impressive. (Is that a pacifier at your feet?)


Hey - is that a black shirt and pair of jeans that you have on??? Real moms wear that every day! :-)

Heather AKA Epiphany Alone

*whistles* Niiiiice :)


Funny! I am so with shirt and jeans almost everyday, that is if I get out of the sweats in the first place!


Funny. I only own 2 pairs of jeans, so yeah, I wear the same pair several days in a row. So sad. Hurray for being a real mom!


nice ass, lady.


Awesome and funny post!
May I ask for your help?
Help for the computer challenged?
How on earth did you get your link posted at the Real Moms website?

Emily of Redwhineandboo

Oh crap you tagged us, and I did not even know. I will work on this tomorrow I think. And well I can not leave with out saying, nice ass lady.


Real Moms never put down the cupcake....Haha!

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