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I went through the super colon. Twice, in fact. It happened to be in Union Station (DC), right next to the atrium restaurant where we were lunching. Dorian thought it was great fun. I can't say I got quite as much joy from standing inside a giant asshole, but at least I can say I've done it.


Commenting again to add that I just looked at the picture you linked to, and whaddaya know? That IS Union Station. We ate our lunch just to the left of the bunghole.


Summer, OMG. I am SO jealous! To eat next to the giant bunghole? Heaven. Simply a dream come true. Go colons!


I think you should complement the lady. Just tell her she looks great or something like that. I'm sure she's really proud of her loss and dedication and would probably love it if someone commented.


Can't wait to hear how school goes for Delaney!!! My kids both started at two, as well, and for only two days a week. Just enough in my opinion and they both loved it!

A loyal observer

>I can't say I got quite as much joy from >standing inside a giant asshole, but at least >I can say I've done it.

I stand next to them all the time. Does that count for anything?


I have to go for parent teacher interviews at my big girl's school this Friday. It's way too weird. She does love it, and it's a great school, so no regrets. But weird anyway!

Cathy Frye

She'll do great at school. The adjustment is more difficult for us, trust me.

Am now about to Google colorectal screening. I'm sure my husband will love both me AND you by the time I'm done researching.

(I'm known to nag him into doctor's appointments.)

Mrs. Flinger

LB is going to school in the fall, too. I'm sure y'all will be so great and you'll both enjoy the time away but I promise she'll look forward to when you come to pick her up. That's the best part. :-)


Delaney is beautiful & I hope you don't cry when you take her to school. I did & my daughter looked at me like I was crazy (she didn't shed a tear & loved it).
Congrats to you for being at the gym all the time & on uping your style factor.


I would go with your impulse to tell that lady at the gym how much of a difference you've noticed in her. It will make her day -- trust me.


She will love school and so will you! YAY! I have Lily in 3X next fall and Emma 2X... Pipes will get to stay with me.


Thank you for putting the word out here and for commenting on my post about it at the Soccer Mom Vote. I am THRILLED for your full recovery and your "public service announcement." I wish more people did the same. You are a true hero.

Wish I could see the super colon.

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