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A loyal observer

You know you're at a Taylor Hicks concert when...

Corporate concert sponsorship is provided by BioMet, leaders of knee replacement products.

RedNesia is the most popular drink served at the bar (Red Bull and Milk of Magnesia)

The panties thrown at the stage were very large cotton granny panties (nothing like Tom Jones sees)

The artist's music is available at the music/T-Shirt booth on cassette

Loyal observer


this made me sad because i actually like taylor, which means what, exactly....?



Apparently, you have no idea. Taylor has sold out every show up until the Texas shows, and has more sold out shows coming up. You won't see a better live performer than Taylor - it's too bad you can't appreciate it. Go back to your Britney concerts and let the real music lovers have their piece.


How very condesending of you. Go back to the sandbox and leave the real music to the adults. Your opinions are that of a child and a very shallow one at that. How dare you sit and judge other people out for an enjoyable evening? You seem to have very little to comment on the concert only the attendees. Really not at all COOL



Stupid, stupid, stupid. Ever heard of Chris Baldwin? Google him. You'll find out what the SP did...and the way I see it, that's the way you're headed.

Look, if it makes you feel good to down on Taylor, then fine. Whatever. But at least get your facts straight.

- Almost every concert has been sold out, there's no denying there.

- Tipsy soccer moms? You must have fit right in!

- So what? That's what ushers do, you idiot.

- And that is relevent because...

- There are lots of young people at his concerts, I know because I was one of them.


omg! hello? these peeps have no idea who colleen is. i love taylor too, but hello crazy peeps! shoo!

Mrs. Taylor Hicks

That's so rude, obviously you havent been to one. I'm not going to get all carried away like usual, lucky for you, justr don't be talkin bad about tay. EVER! SOUL PATROL! :D!!!-MTH


holy shit. who sold the crazies tickets to this blog?

rock on Colleen. call 'em as you see 'em.


I'm LOL that something as silly as an opinion about your concert experience has so many people's feathers ruffled.


This review is ridiculous, im 15 and ive been to many taylor shows.

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