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Yeah, I'm a bikini girl too. You'll have to tell me the brand. I either have them showing out the back of my jeans when I squat down, or tucked so nicely under my C section scar.

And this is the rearend *I* was remembering:



OMG, your husband is the same age as my dad! No wonder he's telling you that, he's got a younger hot wife, he's the luckiest bastard on the block!


Can't do thongs. That wedgie feeling is just too damn annoying.

Grannies make me feel too old.

Commando -- I'm like you -- for sleeping only. Or maybe on a gym night when I discover after showering that I forgot to pack underwear in my gym bag.

So, yes, the bikini has it. Not too high to render me unsexy, not so skimpy as to make me feel like a giggling 6th-grade girlfriend just yanked up my panties into a most uncomfortable location.


Of course you wear bikinis, they are the choice of the Sensible But Sexy among us.

I'll bite on the interview meme. Send me some questions, I could use the blog fodder.


High School Chemistry killed my dreams of being a pharmacist. Now I want to be a dentist. Fridays off... low stress...
(Great post, btw!)


53? Wow, that's a big difference. I'd love to hear how you met and fell in love.

I'll take some questions - I'm going to answer Nicole's and I can do yours at the same time!


Totally with you on the undergarments! I feel the same way.

Mrs. Flinger

Remember back when I told you to post more about your hayhay? I think ass-coverage and pics of you are topping the cake. I officially can meet you in person now. ;-)

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