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Thank you so much for the product recos. And you know how I like the products. Lilypadz is new to me...I'm heading there right this very minute to hook my nipples up!

Arkie Mama

Oh, yeah. The birth plan. Ha.

I found the first (and only) one tucked inside a book several months after my oldest was born.

I laughed.

Mrs. Flinger

I had a shower this weekend (the real kind) and got all sorts of great things but nothing as cool as this post! :-) Great tidbits.


when i handed my thoughtfully prepared birthplan to the nurse at my bedside, she took it from me without looking at it + tossed it behind her into oblivion + said, "we won't need that, i've been doing this for 25 years" (they've got you pretty much at their mercy)

your blog button is up on my mother's day blogroll!

Her Bad Mother

Ooh, LilyPadz - YESSSSS! Golden.


I am a huge devotee of the lilypadz phenom! I only wish I'd known about them after the first two babies!


I'm with you on the birth plan. I had a high-risk pregnancy and knew it would be a c-section... my only "plan" was thelling the anethesiologist I wanted to remember absolutely nothing!

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