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My kids take turns, so you get a few nights of waking up to clean up puke.


One of my biggest fears...

Arkie Mama

The scary part isn't two sick kids at the same time.

The scary part is two healthy, energetic kids when YOU'RE sick.

I'm telling you, they're merciless!


lucky mama! i wish i had that problem


I wholeheartedly agree with Arkie Mama!

Thankfully my two girls are rarely sick at the same time. It comes in waves. Totally exhausting waves! Not sure which is "best."

You can do it! ;)


Don't worry about it now. You can't possibly prepare for it ahead, so you may as well not suffer the worry and just deal with the mess when you get there! :)


Well, I'm a tad late getting in here but here are my thoughts . . .

Karen gave you the best advice. You can't prepare for it so just don't sweat it now.

And those who said that they rarely get sick together are also correct. Just when you get the first one well and think your life will be "normal" again . . . well, you understand!

Truly, though, you manage. You do things you never thought you could before you had kids and you do a pretty good job and wonder how in the world you do all that you do.

Hang in there!

Oh, and my personal favorite for first trimester crap . . . Altoids orange citrus sours. Saved me many, many times. Can't hurt to try! :)

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