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Tee hee. My girls will hang on to balloons until they are withered, deflated sad little things in the corner.

I bet you will be surprised how laid back you become once you have two little ones! ;)


Same thing here...escept it's not so much a choking hazard as just an annoyance. And then one or both will invariably let go and it will fly up to the ceiling fan and get wrapped up, or else friends come over and there is much fighting over who can play with the balloon. But yeah. We are in the same club.

Arkie Mama

We were separated. At birth.

How else to explain my decision to pop my kids' balloons before I left town ... because... if allowed to linger, those balloons would have shrunk into what is THE No. 1 choking hazard.

I've popped them. Hidden them in closets. Oh, yeah, and stuffed them in the outside garbage can.

And yes, the kids protest. But it doesn't stop me.


Agreed. Balloons are the gift of Satan; however - allowing her to plug my cell phone charger in-and-out of the electrical socket for 20 minutes: No big deal. It's no wonder she's confused.... ;-)

midlife mommy

Fortunately, my daughter (still two, almost three) is at a point now where she will help us "kill" the balloons so I don't need to worry about them.


Been there. Done that. Poor Colleen.

Mrs. Flinger

Every dang time someone gives her a balloon, that's the story here. And, I swear, it IS a choking hazard! I heard of a three year old that is now brain dead because she bit the balloon and it flew in to her THROAT and closed off her airway. Welcome to my paranoia. (Bob says the same thing as Roger. But paranoia wins)


I destroy every balloon that comes through our door. Mainly because they lead to fights and are just generally annoying.

The Domestic Diva

LOL, that happens to me all the time.

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