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Awwww...thanks! We think you rock, too :)


I hope you get out of the prego blahs soon and very soon! If it's any consolation, the 3s were pretty sweet. I'm so over the 2s and we're not even half way through them.


Thanks, Colleen!! You are indeed a rockin' girl!!


Hang in there. If you've never been prone to it before the depression will likely pass, whenever that lazy second trimester decides to show up!

Arkie Mama

Why thank you! Can't wait to check out all these other blogs...

Hope the depression lifts soon -- I'm sure a little sunshine would help. Cannot BELIEVE all that rain! Crossing my fingers that the Second T arrives -- you've suffered enough!


Awww, thanks, Colleen!

Sorry I'm just seeing this one . . . we just got back from an awesome "vacation," which you'll hear about on my blog soon!


Mrs. Flinger

Hey, girl, i haven't kept up with the blogging community, either. I'm in the corner WITH you, rocking back and forth, muttering, 'uhuhuhuh'. and? Honestly? It ain't the baby's fault. Hellzno. It's the toddler. Love me the newborn baby head. Luff. That toddler is kicking my ass.

With that said, thanks for thinking of me, even if I have sucked as a blog friend. And Nicole? Is pregnant?! WOOOOT! I'm so out of the loop it's sad. Congrats to her and I hope her next kiddo isn't in college yet. Damn, I missed a lot.


Who is the best prego blogger out there? Um you! Thanks for the nomination love baby, even if I have been a shitty blogger as of late. I tell you that whole flickr thing is addicting. You do rock, you rock the personal blog, the extra blogs, and you rock the bloggy friendships. I hope thoes hormones die down soon my dear. Smooch


You've totally rocked the Rockin' Girl Bloggers nominations! I have so many more blogs to read now...if I wasn't behind on my blogs before, I surely am now. :) Thanks for including me on such a great list!

P.S. It sounds like Delaney might be at the stage where Chris and I started saving for boarding school. Did you know there are places in Europe that will take kids as young as six? :)


aw!! congrats hon! and thanks for the shout out. I totally feel you on the ' It's just too bad I have to suffer to write anything worth reading.' It's just unfortunately so true.


Thanks! That was a nice suprise! I'm sorry you are feeling depressed - I went through something similar in the middle of my pregnancy. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

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