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How fun! I'm smiling just thinking about how cute it sounds.


Having been part of many, many, (many many), many dance recitals myself, I can tell you that the Tiny Toes classes are almost always the hit of the show!

If the twos do NOT wander around, attempt to disrobe, cry, run excitedly over and wave at Mama, or otherwise display non-conformance, ask for a drug test! :)

Please post a picture - can't wait to see Delaney in her costume!!


Aaahhhhhh, Cute! You know the ones who start early turn out to be Super-stahs!!!


I love this post! I just watched Happy Feet, a great animated movie last night, all about "being yourself", and down with conformity...a really good one. Our son Luca, is now 5 months, and I love all his personality, and flare (he especially loves screaming, and smiling). I hope he always stays true to who he really is, and gives the censors the bird. Love to you in your last hours of gestating!!
Lots of love from Seattle,

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