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Arkie Mama

Same problem here -- the 2-year-old thinks the ornaments are toys and that the tree is merely a storage option for said toys!


Alan actually suggested we put our tree up Friday. We NEVER put it up that early! It was really fun and the girls enjoyed it. Miss A is finally getting gentler with the ornaments. I haven't done any other Christmas decorating, but it's nice to have the tree up! (Now if I can just start some shopping.)

Heather AKA Epiphany Alone

We put up ours this past weekend, too. Lauren (who is 5) still needs to be reminded that the decorations aren't toys, and Lindsay (who is 18 months) keeps un-decorating today. I've had to put up about a dozen ornaments three times today.


As far as grabby tot fingers go, I used the "one finger" touch rule. She could only touch with one finger. too hard for them to resist something sparkly.

Im also getting into the Christmas spirit. Well, sort of. If you feel so inclined, do stop by my Cookie blog and check out my Xmas newsletter. Full of the accomplishments and good cheer of me and mine (not). :) Yay holidays!

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