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Ha! That's good stuff!

(That said? I loooove Tyra.)


I just nixed them for something too. Don't do it. Clearly Tyra has a bug up her butt about being single sans children, and every "mom" topic is turned into WHAT HEINOUS CRAZY MOMS ARE DOING THAT MAKE US WANT TO HATE THEM ALL.

Of course I only know that because I've read about it.


Tell Tyra you'll be on when she does her show on Awesome Bloggers!!

Tyra show sucker

I HAD to comment on this and am laughing as I type. I received a call from "Ms. Blah Blah" as well--evidently they search blogs and she read mine(
Well, we were stupid enough to hear "free NYC trip" and agreed to go. You were smart to stay home!!! I can't legally blog about it, but I can say that my child puked after the show, we were all exposed to a nasty bug on the plane and were recovering for over a week. I am more germaphobic than ever! And the show itself is another story. :)
I enjoyed your blog.

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