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Good luck on your visit tomorrow. We went through some...interesting discussions with the nurses who do the immunizations here. They really did not like to change the schedule, but they did. One handed me a gigantic document about the perils of getting your info from the internet, because she assumed that my decision to do things differently came from some freaky website. Hated to tell her that I actually read some books, written by doctors and researchers: go figure.


Good luck! My daughter never had issues and my son hasn't had any major reactions, but he does get very cranky and tired. Yesterday, 4 days after his 4 month shots, he spent several hours throughout the day (at least 4 different times on and off for a half hour or more) screaming and screeching as if he was in a lot of pain. I wondered if it could be related. If you read anything about that, could you please let me know?

midlife mommy

I've heard about that book before. Now, I'm going to put it on my wish list (in case I'm lucky enough to need it). Thanks!

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