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Yay! Go team CIO! We're in the process of re-vamping our sleep routine here: wish us luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


I'm floored! Good for you guys! I hope the nap works out today...


Yippee! This is why you tough it out in CIO. Everyone ends up sleeping. Good for you and hope it keeps up!


Good for you! Sleep deprivation isn't fun for anyone.


Hey, love your stuff, and found you from the savvy san antonio website. I have used many of your fun suggestions for things to do with kids in SA (3 boys, aged 8,7,3) but can I just suggest you skip the Ferberizing.

I'm a pediatrician and I rarely give advice because I know most of it is based on personal opinion, which is basically crapola. I also dislike the William Sears series of books which are calculated to make me feel like a gigantic failure and, holy moly I breastfed a kid until he was ready for toilet training....... but I dont like Ferber, I think its totally inappropriate to expect an immature mammal to sleep alone until they are much older than 6 months. How much older is up to you........but check out the books by Elizabeth Pantley (all under the "No cry" titles). Its not a "perfect" solution for your problems, but you seem like a reasonable human being, and immature mammals sleep with their parents, so get over it and just bed down with the baby.


It's tougher on your than it is on him. Hugs! I remember those days.


Wahoo! Go Waylon!

I hope it continues to go well. I do NOT miss those sleepless nights.

I think we all have to use a combination of what works best for our kids and for us. Sleep equals sanity, ya know?


After a crazy summer I'm catching up on my blogs, and reading (and sympathizing!) about your efforts to get Way to sleep. BTDT! It seems like eons ago (he's 16 now), but I remember that sleep deprivation was NO fun.

Different families pick different methods -- it has to be what works for you -- in my case, we did the "family bed" thing, which worked for us because our little one needed to be able to reach out to us in the night.

I'm happy to report he eventually moved on to his own bed, though! :-)

Good luck -- hope things continue well!

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