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Wow. That is totally worth a try. I know that you are at your wits end and it isn't going to hurt.


I didn't know there was a whole program around it! For a variety of reasons starting with taste, we tend to avoid artificial flavoring/coloring/sweeteners. The only militant dietary rule we have for the kids is no caffeine, though. This article would seem to indicate that our kids' good behavior is due to their more natural diet. While I wouldn't be disappointed to learn that healthy eating contributes, I sort of hope good parenting factors in there a bit, too!

Two, three, and four are hard years. Delaney is becoming aware that she has an opinion and (like all of us) she wants the world to work her way. When it doesn't, she expresses her frustration with anger because she knows how to do that - patience is something it will take her years to learn (I'm still working on mine...). Changing her diet to avoid artificial stuff can't hurt and, if it helps, it will be great! Don't expect a miracle cure, though. No amount of natural anything can eliminate the frustration of wanting to do more than you are capable of.


This looks sooooo interesting to me. I've got an, uh, difficult one, too. Certainly worth a try. Let us know how it goes if you do it.


As you work your family into the natural diet, please check with your doctor. If there's something medical going on that affects her behavior, you'll want to know sooner rather than later.

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