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I can totally relate to all of this!

Julian barely says anything still, but his "uh-uh" while shaking his head is unmistakable! He too had taken to weaning himself sooner than I was ready. He is down to once or twice a night now - once before bed and sometimes he gets up once at night for it. I'm really going to miss the snuggle time!


Four-year-old Lars sticks in my head because that was the year his personality really emerged. Almost every day now, I see a glimmer of his four-year-old self in something he does and it makes me at once wistful and proud.

Ross' personality never emerged - he's been himself since before he was born (heaven help us all...).

much more than a mom

I can relate! You'll be glad you wrote even this. Our mom brains forget this stuff too easily, unfortunately.

New here via twitter...if you reply via email to comments, remind me to ask you about that silhouette in your header...don't want to ask here in case it's perceived as rude. ;-)

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