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Doting first-time mother of toddler, working from home for high-tech company


I'm a thirty-something WAHM married to the fifty-something man of my dreams (my first marriage, his third...the other two broke him in and now he's perfect). We were married on the beach at sunset in the Virgin Islands in Oct. '03 and I gave birth to our daughter (my first child...his third) in March '05.

I quit my job (as an account executive for a design firm) one month before Delaney's due date and planned to be a SAHM, but a former high-tech employer contacted me to consult from home, so I'm making the (short) leap to WAHM. Fun and hijinks to ensue.


music (Jimmy Buffett), chardonnay (cheap), cabernet (expensive), books (chick-lit), beer (Abita), yoga (Vinyasa), chocolate (dark), dogs (Guinness and Mathilde), cake (lots of it)