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Stephanie G

Ohhhh.... I feel your pain! When I was nursing Ava, I wasn't allowed milk products. But I cheated some, too. I'd eat the mashed potatoes. :-)


I am not at all jealous of your predicament, but I'm sure that some mashed potatoes will be a-okay since she wasn't bothered before the "yogurt incident" with dairy in your milk. And doesn't someone telling you that you can't have something make you want it all the more? I couldn't have pineapple because the boy is alergic. I don't eat much pineapple, but as soon as I couldn't have it, it was all I wanted. Perhaps R can find a nice, creamy soy milk mashed potatoe recipe if you decide to be totally nazi about it!


You might to chat with Sierra ( - she also had to go dairy free.

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