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How frightening! I am so glad that you stayed calm and that she settled down quickly. Don't worry, in a time of crisis, you will be more calm than you ever thought possible. You handle unexpected stress well (I worked with you, remember?), it's the anticipated stress that gives you a hard time.


How scary!!!!! Isn't it sickening how your mind just keeps replaying it and it just hits you again and again. It was like that for me when I thought I'd broken Nell's leg.

What a shame for Delaney and you to have to worry about allergies. Nell sends sympathies as yogurt is her almost absolutely favorite thing.


I just came home from buying yogurt for my son for the very first time. How strange that I read this today - I think it's a sign that I should wait. I've also been leery of it for no real reason. I'm glad Delaney recovered quickly.

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