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Hello - I found your blog a while ago and have been enjoying a walk down memory lane as you recount Delaney's interview with life. Our own firstborn turns seven this week (seven?!? not possible...) and I love recalling his firsts as I read your accounts of Delaney.

My advice on getting the pink stuff down is to use a syringe (pharmacy counters usually have them) instead of the bulb-dropper and stick it as far back in her mouth as you can. If you shoot it down her throat, she won't taste it as much and more of it will go down than come out.

You must also call on your inner "Dr. Mom" to get you both through it in a swift, matter-of-fact way. It's awful but it doesn't have to be long and awful. Changing your attitude from loving Mama to gentle but firm "Dr. Mom" might help Delaney learn to take meds as an unenjoyable but necessary part of life. My kids will take pretty much anything now without complaint...unless you count the eye-rolling and big sighs, which I can deal with.

Good luck!


hi colleen. sorry about poor delaney's throat! i agree with the syringe tip. we put it in the side of the mouth, right inside the cheek and squirt it down. i think i read somewhere that's the best way to do it. the girl had trouble taking meds at first (her first round was at 7 weeks! the boy was never sick until 18 months!!), but now she'll swallow anything without complaint.

mittens? holy moly! i think your approach is better by far! she's going to be exposed to germs at some point and you need that Me Time. i think it's fine. (and of course you should listen to every word i say because i am a self-declared expert on these matters!! omg, i'm such a pig!)

isn't that mother's instinct something else? good job mom!


Poor little thing! Good luck with the meds and I have (fortunately or unfortunately?) no assvice about how to get them down. But if Karen and Moxie agree, well, then a syringe sounds like the way to go.


how's delaney doing today?


Thanks to everyone for your great tips. I've been using them and they're working. I think she's finally a little better today. I swear that she actually seemed sicker on Tuesday and Wednesday even though she started the meds on Monday. But, today she isn't coughing as much, which hopefully means we'll have a better night tonight. She was up a lot of the night coughing and Roger was up with her most of the time. I'm tired today so I know he must really be dragging. What a great dad!

And, Karen, thank you so much for the "channel Dr. Mom" suggestion. I've been doing that and it's working wonders. I just keep telling myself that she may not like what I'm doing, but it's for her own good and because I love her. That helps and she's actually letting me give her medicines and suction her nose.


You're welcome - I'm glad "Dr. Mom" works for you, too! It has served me well over the years with both the kids and our cat. You're a better one than me for the nose-bulb, though...I never did manage to get that down. Chris (my husband) couldn't do it either so whenever there were drippy noses all our little trash baskets would look like kleenex-cones. Ahhhh....the memories. Now the kids are old enough to wipe their own noses and, if I'm REALLY lucky, they remember to use a tissue instead of their sleeves.

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