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That crawl is too funny! I see what you were talking about the other day. Doesn't it seem like there is a reason to say "life will never be the same" just about every day?

Good for you going to see a movie. I think I might tell J I need a few hours and go see "Memoirs of a Geisha" since I still haven't seen it. Tell us how you like the gay cowboy movie. I can't wait to hear your opinion.


i'm dying to see brokeback mountain--can i go with you? :)

so cute that crawl!!

i'll hazard the coughing is from a post nasal drip--does it happen to coincide with when she started crawling? she might have an allergy to those dustbunnies or dustmites or something she's finding on the floor as she crawls around. (and no, i'm not implying that you have poor housekeeping skills! (puhleeez, you should see the dustbunnies in this house.) just that the environment isn't as controlled as it used to be since she's moving around so much more). double parentheses, how'd ya like that?

it's much harder to work at home when they're more mobile. that's why i get most of my work done between 8pm and 1am. sad, but true.

i'm done hijacking your blog.

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