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Have fun at the luncheon! I find the worst thing about eating out with adults is remembering not to cut the meat on plates near mine into small bites. My friends are good natured about it (most of them laugh knowingly, having done the same thing at some point) but I did it once at a business dinner and it sure made the meeting memorable...


ack! hives! (and i totally owe you an email) the boy has weird skin contact allergies and has grown out of most of them. he'd get blotches all over his face with even the tiniest exposures to things (even hair products) lots of times we never knew what caused the outbreak. he's been tested several times and dust, mold, dust mites, and cats are the things that give him problems. no foods and foods definitely gave him blotches from time to time. they always said there was no point to testing him earlier than age three because the tests aren't accurate before that age.

have a fun lunch tomorrow!

Stephanie G

Any chance the reaction could be to the latex in the nipple of the bottle???


What a worry! I hope it resolves itself, it is frightening to not know exactly what it is that is triggering the hives. Poor baby (both of you!)


just stopping by to say hi :)

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