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hi! you must have posted right after i checked in on you last night. i love your "just BE the mother" thing. honestly, i'm all for cracking up now and then. i think it keeps things interesting ;) i've been so absent i didn't notice you were absent too or i'd have been sending out emails asking after you! i hope things aren't as bad as they seemed last night. we had the same issue with that stomach flu. we would think it was gone and whammo, there it was again. hang in there!


That totally blows that you have been sick, but at least you got a brief reprieve for Easter day. Hopefully by the weekend, you will all be feeling better...

Let me know if you need anything and once all this illness is safely past (because, you know, stomach flu is messy and I'm not quite ready to break in my brand new carpet that way) and we will have a play date. If you all are still feeling icky but need ANYTHING, let me know and I will be happy to make a delivery. :)

Lisa P

You know, I'd been wondering where you guys were . . . now I know!

YUCK! I can totally relate to what you are going through. When Callie was just over two, she came down with the WORST stomach virus EVER! Then I got it. Then Shane got it. And Callie still had it. And Preston was an infant. Fortunately, he did NOT get it but still required the usual care which I could barely provide.

I'm glad that you could "be the mommy" but I'm also glad that you were smart enough to call your own mommy!!

Take care and GET WELL SOON--all of you!

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