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Oh, gosh! Poor Delaney!!!! I'd probably have the test repeated - by a different doctor. (though that's totally going to suck for Little Delaney!!)


wah! that sounds awful! the only thing that's odd to me is that margarine doesn't have dairy and i wonder if there's another common ingredient then? also, i was also told by someone (wish i could remember who right now!) that kids can be allergic to foods and the allergies won't show up in allergy testing. i have no idea why. maybe that's why they say testing before three is difficult? i know, i'm not helping a bit. i have probably as many allergy questions as you do. all i know to tell you is don't put delaney on singulair--that stuff scares the bejeebus out of me! (don't know if you read all that on my blog, but the boy had major issues with singulair).

is 11:14pm too late for a shower?






I'd ask the doc about it. There is some controversy about allergy testing on kids under age 3, and so maybe there's some simple answer why dairy would be a false negative? It's clear that Delaney reacts to it. If so, the allergist should also be able to tell you which results tend to be unreliable.


Perhaps while you keep this food/reaction diary, you should also take digital photos of the reactions since they seem to come and go rather quickly. And it's weird that it seems to be a topical alergy and maybe actually seeing the results will give the doctor another perspective. Perhaps it's her sensitive skin...

Lisa P

Wow, Colleen! What news. Just when you think you'll get some answers . . .

I can relate. We've been dealing with allergy issues in Preston lately, too. He was diagnosed with respiratory allergies almost a year ago but he's built up a tolerance to the Zyrtec that was working so well for him before. In addition, he's reacting to the new pollens he's being exposed to in our new area. We've been to the pediatrician all too many times recently and, although he is better on a new combination of meds, I'm still taking him to an allergy specialist next week.

Good luck with Delaney. Food allergies seem to be so troublesome! Poor baby. Hopefully it will all work out soon.


Poor Delaney and poor you! I am sure this is frustrating. It does sound like she's allergic to dairy, though. Have you tried soy products yet?

Lisa P

Just a thought . . . have you tried organic dairy products just to see if maybe they might make a diference? Probably not, but it popped into my head today so I thought I'd mention it.

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