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Do I have to pay your doc for the advice about how to get the kid to stop hitting/scratching/biting? (yep, our's started scratching this morning!)

What a great idea. We will have to try that!

Lisa P

Oh this is SO adorable!!! I love those funny things they say at that age.

Must be a universal thing when kids discover their parents have names besides "Mommy" and "Daddy." Both of mine thought it was hysterical when they realized that I call their daddy something else! And, of course, took to repeating it over and over and over.


You are a good woman. I have yet to take my boy to the dentist and I am not looking forward to it.

She's such a cutie, your Delaney!


I love the advice on the scratching...sometimes I just have to smack myself on the head and say "Doh!" And you are doing great on the dentist. I didn't take Caitlin until she was 2 and it was only because she nearly knocked her front tooth out. I still lhaven't taken Amelia!


Kidlet words: what a great idea for a post! I may have to steal this (as well as the doctor advice). I got Big Girl through her first dentist trip last year. What made the big difference: grape flavoured rubber gloves! I thought Big Girl was going to eat the woman's hands!


Sooooo cute! I love bo bo.

My ped had advised I should take Lauren to the dentist between 2-3. Being a total dentophobe myself, I waited until right after her 3rd year well visit so that I could say I'd scheduled it...I am sorry I waited that long. Lauren had 4 cavities at her first visit! If I'd gone at 15 months, maybe we could've headed off her weak enamel with fluoride...well maybe not, but I hate doing Mommy what-ifs. Anyway, the drilling and filling was pain-free, and at her visit last month, no new cavities with the daily fluoride supplements.


Allright, Colleen.... you can't post a dentist-thing and not expect me to comment! :-) You did the right thing by taking her early! They ALL scream at that age... and the technique that Ms. Dentist used is actually the same that I use with my itty-bitty patients. Stick with it every six months... and within a couple of visits, I'm sure Miss D. will be a happy dentist-goer!

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